Mike Conroy was the Senior Vice President of the Edmonton Zone of the Alberta Health Services

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Mike Conroy was the Senior Vice President of the Edmonton Zone of the Alberta Health Services. This means that he shared the responsibility for the Edmonton Zone with the Zone’s Medical Director. Mike Conroy worked together with the Zone Medical Director to work for a more efficient and effective provision of high quality, integrated, health services within the Edmonton Zone. The Edmonton Zone has a number of services that are expected to be provided within a fuller continuum of health services. The services that are expected include ambulatory care, acute care, community based health services, as well as others.

Mike Conroy had other responsibilities as well, including development of long term service plans for the Edmonton Zone. The plans that are in place are designed to support Alberta Health Service’s specific goals. The plans are also meant to meet the unique health needs of the community of the Edmonton Zone and the population thereof. The responsibilities entrusted to Mike Conroy and the Zone Medical Director are made possible through interaction with the various other services of Alberta Health Services, including human resources, capital planning, finance services, information technology, and others. Additionally, they are able to accomplish their tasks by working closely with municipal and community based stakeholders.

Prior to working at Alberta Health Services, Mike Conroy was working as the Executive Vice-President for Corporate Services for Alberta Health Services. Mike Conroy, before he joined Alberta Health Services, worked for the Vancouver Island Health Authority as the Executive Vice President as well as the Chief Operating Officer. Mike Conroy worked in those positions for more than four years, learning a great deal about the industry in the process. Mike Conroy was also able to serve with Calgary Health Region as the Vice President prior to his current employment.